Course Duration

6 months

Full time online

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June 2022

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Diploma in Data Analytics

The Data Analytics course online provides you with the foundation required to start a career in data analytics and data science while gaining a qualification from an internationally recognised awarding body. You will develop new skills and knowledge that can be applied immediately in the workplace and enable you to progress to higher level studies.  During the course you will study core statistical concepts used in data analysis, python, Excel and SQL programming, as well as  the tools and techniques of data visualisation.  In addition you will be introduced to the fundamentals of predictive analytics and machine learning, giving you the opportunity to begin your journey into the rapidly growing fields of data science, analytics and artificial intelligence.

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Course Units

Exploratory data analysis helps you to perform data health checks and gain initial insights from data. In this  unit you will firstly gain an understanding of the basics of programming in Python and then cover the fundamentals of data management, descriptive statistics and data visualisation using Python code and functions to carry out initial analysis of data. 

This unit introduces statistical inference, that is the process of drawing inferences or conclusions about phenomena beyond observed data. You will cover the fundamentals of sampling, statistical distribution, hypothesis testing and variance analysis and also learn how to use Python code to carry out various statistical tests and draw inferences from their output.

Excel and SQL are a fundamental part of a data analyst’s toolkit and a strong basis in these also provide a basis for more advanced data analytics with other techniques and technologies. In this unit you will gain experience in collecting, analysing and communicating with data using Excel functions and tools, learn the basics of SQL programming and apply this knowledge to essential data management and analysis tasks

Data Visualisation is a powerful way to communicate meaning in data and support business decision making.  This unit will introduce you to the main commercial tools used in data visualization such as Tableau, Excel and Power BI, enabling you to create a wide range of graphs, charts and dashboards and how to use them appropriately in context.  You will also gain experience in interpreting data graphically and communicating your findings from graphical data analysis.

Solutions to many problems are related to successfully predicting future outcomes.  This unit introduces predictive modelling and provides a foundation for more advanced methods studied at higher levels.  You will gain an understanding of the general approach to predictive modelling and then learn to build simple linear regression and multiple linear regression models using Python libraries and commands. 

In this unit you are introduced to fundamental concepts in machine learning,  the reasons why machine learning is possible, and a range of real world applications of machine learning. You will also cover common machine machine learning algorithms including Naive Bayes, Neural Networks, decision tree and random forest and use Python libraries and commands to implement these techniques

Entry Requirements

Entry requirements for the Qualifi Level 4 Diploma in Data Analytics are as follows:

  • arrow_forward Minimum age of 18 years AND

  • arrow_forward Secondary education to A level, High School Diploma or Equivalent OR

  • arrow_forward A minimum of twelve months relevant work experience

While having mathematical or science subjects can be an advantage, this is not compulsory and candidates from all academic backgrounds will be considered.

Assessment and Student Project

The Level 4 Diploma in Data Analytics is assessed by assignments for each unit (60%) and a summative guided project (40%), where learners draw on the range of knowledge acquired across the six units of the qualification.

Academic Progression

The Level 4 Diploma in Data Anaytics is accredited by Qualifi, a recognised UK awarding body and carries 120 UK credits and is equivalent to the first year of university studies in the UK and Europe. Holders of the diploma will be able to apply for entry to the second year of a related university degree or, alternatively, progress to the Qualifi Level 5 Diploma in Data Analytics.

* This qualification is currently undergoing approval from Qualifi to be registered on the Ofqual Regulated Qualifications Framework.

Course Fees

The fee for this programme is 1800 Euros

Scholarships and Financing

Some applicants may be eligible for scholarships or financing options

Please enquire for more details.

Careers and Opportunities

Graduates of the  diploma in data analytics will find opportunities in entry and junior data and business roles in commercial and government organisations.



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